Steven Conolly, Ph.D.
Montford G. Cook Endowed Chair
Professor, Department of Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, UC Berkeley

Research: Medical imaging with an emphasis on magnetics, including Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and magnetic susceptibility matching for improved MRI.

PhD Stanford University Electrical Engineering, with Professor Albert Macovski
MS Stanford University Electrical Engineering
BS Boston University, Electrical Engineering

Research Staff:

Bo Zheng, Ph.D.
Research: Improving SNR and sensitivity in MPI and MPI stem cell imaging

PhD UC Berkeley, Bioengineering
MS Stanford University, Bioengineering
BS Stanford University, Electrical Engineering

Prashant Chandrasekharan, Ph.D.
Research: MPI for imaging cancer, immunotherapy, blood volume, and perfusion

PhD A*STAR Singapore
Graduate Students:

Daniel Hensley
Research: Relaxation theory and applications, biosensors, image reconstruction

BS University of Texas at Austin, Biomedical Engineering

Elaine Yu
Research: in vivo Cell Tracking with MPI

BS Rutgers University, Biomedical Engineering

Ryan Orendorff
Research: Real Time MPI, Image Reconstruction, Angiography

MPhil by Research, University of Cambridge, Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering
BS Tufts University, Biomedical Engineering

Zhi Wei Tay
Research: MPI Relaxometry

BS Duke University, Biomedical Engineering

Xinyi Zhu
Research: lung MPI imaging

BS University of Maryland, College Park, Bioengineering
 Yueting Shi
Visiting PhD Student
Beijing Institute of Technology

Research: Compressed Sensing MPI

Laura Taylor
Beliz Gunel
David Mai 
Kenneth Jeffris
Jason Luke 
Ashish Kumar 

Former Members:
Friso Heslinga

Masters of Engineering ('15), University of Twente
 Patrick Goodwill, Ph.D.

PhD in Bioengineering ('10)
Pioneered MPI research at BISL
Co-Founder, Magnetic Insight

Paul Keselman, Ph.D.

PhD in Bioengineering ('16)
Now at University of Kansas Medical Center

Kuan Lu, Ph.D.

PhD in BioEngineering ('15)
Now at Triple Ring Technologies

Nicole Hinterberger

Masters of Engineering ('15), Technical University of Munich

Justin Konkle, Ph.D.

PhD in BioEngineering ('14)
Now at Magnetic Insight

Emine Saritas, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Scholar
Now at Assistant Professor at Bilken University

Laura Rose Croft, Ph.D.

PhD in Bioengineering ('13)
Now at

Gary Lee, Ph.D.

PhD in Bioengineering ('12)
Now at Zeiss Meditech
Mindy BishopUndergraduate ('16), now at Harvard-MIT HST
Nitish Padmanaban Undergraduate ('15), now at Stanford EE
Patricia Yen Undergraduate ('14), now at MIT Material Science
Neerav Dixit Undergraduate ('14), now at Stanford EE
Di Xiao Undergraduate ('14), now at UM-Minneapolis EE
Ada Li Undergraduate ('14)
Arkosnato NeogyM.S. Electrical Engineering ('13) 
Daniel Price Undergraduate ('13), now Rhodes Scholar at Oxford
Wisely Yang Undergraduate ('13), now at UCLA EE
Jeff McCormick Undergraduate ('12), now at UCLA Biochemistry
Pamela Tiet Undergraduate ('12), now at City of Hope
George Zhang Undergraduate ('12)
Kevin Phuong Undergraduate ('11), now at Stanford EE 
Rohit Pidaparthi Undergraduate ('10), now at Stanford EE
Carlos Ruiz Undergraduate ('10), now at UCLA
Ethan Johnson Undergraduate ('09), now at Stanford EE 
Chen Lu Undergraduate ('09), now at MIT HST
Arbi Tamrazian Undergraduate ('09), now at Stanford EE