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We investigate how magnetic nanoparticle respond to time varying magnetic fields in "Ferrohydrodynamic relaxometry for magnetic particle imaging," Applied Physics Letters, 98, 262502 (2011).

ABSTRACT: The ferrohydrodynamic properties of magnetic nanoparticles govern resolution and signal strength in magnetic particle imaging (MPI), a medical imaging modality with applications in small animals and humans. Here, we discuss the development and key results of a magnetic particle relaxometer that measures the core diameter and relaxation constant of magnetic nanoparticles. This instrument enables us to directly measure the one-dimensional MPI point spread function. To elucidate our results, we develop a simplified ferrohydrodynamic model that assumes nanoparticles respond to time varying magnetic fields according to a Debeye model of Brownian relaxation, which we verify with experimental data.
Fig 1: X-space MPI point spread function measured using a MPI relaxometer.