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We recently published a review paper on the MPI technique in Advanced Materials. 

X-Space MPI: Magnetic Nanoparticles for Safe Medical Imaging

Patrick William Goodwill, Emine Ulku Saritas, Laura Rose Croft, Tyson N. Kim, Kannan M. Krishnan, David V. Schaffer and Steven M. Conolly

Article first published online: 19 MAR 2012 | DOI: 10.1002/adma.201200221

Magnetic particle imaging (MPI)
 is an emerging medical imaging technique that could be a safer alternative to X-ray and CT using iodinated contrast agents, especially for patients with chronic kidney disease. Here we describe the overall technique, detail the latest advances in MPI theory, and discuss the optimal nanoparticle characteristics for MPI. We also show images taken using our latest MPI hardware, demonstrating MPI's already superb contrast and high sensitivity.