Undergraduate Research

Currently, we are looking for undergraduates for Spring 2016 with possibility of extension for two research projects (see descriptions below). If you would like to apply please use the following Undergraduate Research Application Link. You will need your unofficial Bearfacts Transcript (pdf) and a CV/resume (pdf). GO BEARS! 

Project:We have previously shown in a pilot study that we can use MPI for in vivo cancer imaging. Due to the unprecedented high contrast of MPI, we can not only see the tumor very clearly with just passive targeting, but also clearly visualize the particle dynamics into and out of the tumor. We are now planning a large-scale experiment using nano-particles with active peptide targeting.

Project:Our goal for this project is to enable diagnosis of lung conditions such as pulmonary embolism rapidly and safely using MPI. You will be trained to assist in imaging as well as synthesis of macroaggregated albumin particles.

Things you will learn:

· Imaging modalities: MPI, planar X-ray, CT, MRI, BLI, Fluorescence imaging

· Animal procedures: basic handling, injections, implantations, anesthesia and other procedures

· Data analysis: MATLAB, Osirix, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

In addition to these exciting studies, we are currently working on completing a new MPI imager. For this, we need talent for rapid prototyping, 3D design and printing. Additional coil and magnet design projects will also come up in the future. These projects are all super fun, and you will receive very well rounded training in our lab ranging from biological applications work, hardware, and software